X Ride Dolphins and Caves Tour

Discover Algarve's hidden treasures with X Ride! Dive into the majestic Benagil caves, watch playful dolphins, and swim at pristine beaches.

X Ride Benagil Caves and Dolphins Boat Tour

X Ride's Benagil Caves and Dolphin Watch

X Ride's Ultimate Adventure: Benagil Caves and Dolphin Watch Expedition


  • Adults (Ages 12 and above): €35 
  • Young Adventurers (Ages 4 to 10): €25
  • Tiny Explorers (Ages 0 to 3): €10*
    *Note: Must be in the company of a booked adult.

Expedition Duration: Approximately 2.5 exhilarating hours

Overview: Embark on an awe-inspiring voyage with X Ride, delving deep into the mysterious Benagil caves and cruising alongside the playful dolphins of Algarve!

Algarve's coast, with its dazzling landscapes, balmy climate, and transparent waters, serves as an unparalleled backdrop to this journey. The symphony of colors - the rugged cliffs, the mesmerizing caves, the vibrant marine life, and the lush flora - will keep you spellbound, making you wish the voyage would never end.

With X Ride, not only do you get to explore the hidden recesses of the caves between Albufeira Marina and Carvoeiro Beach but also set off in pursuit of dolphins and other majestic marine creatures. What's more, take a refreshing dive near one of the pristine beaches of Algarve, making the trip from exciting to downright unforgettable.

Let X Ride's Benagil caves and dolphin watching tour be your gateway to the wondrous world of Algarve – a sensory overload of sights, sounds, and emotions.

Noteworthy Moments:

  • Witness Algarve from a unique vantage point as you cruise its scenic coast with X Ride.
  • Venture into the heart of sea caves, including the famed Benagil Sea Cave, revealing nature's marvels.
  • Delight in the stark color contrasts of jagged cliffs, lush greenery, and azure waters.
  • Experience the thrill of swimming alongside Algarve's pristine beaches.
  • The X Ride experience guarantees sightings of joyful dolphins playing in their natural habitat.

Package Inclusions:

  • An unforgettable dolphin watching segment.
  • A detailed exploration of sea caves, especially the renowned Benagil caves.
  • Comprehensive safety orientation.
  • Provision of lifejackets and raincoats for a worry-free adventure.
  • The expertise of a seasoned captain ensuring a smooth sail.
  • Opportunities for rejuvenating swimming breaks.

Exclusions: Any meals or beverages.

Vital Information:

  • Assemble at the designated area 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • If expecting, have mobility issues, or any other physical concerns, please notify at both booking and check-in times.

Gathering Spot: Find us at our main hub situated in the Marina of Albufeira. We eagerly await to welcome you to X Ride's unmatched Benagil caves and dolphin expedition!



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