Kayak & Benagil Cave Tour from Albufeira Marina

Kayak & Benagil Cave Tour from Albufeira Marina. Two of the best expirences in the Algarve combined in one.

Zen Mar Catamaran: Kayak & Benagil Cave Tour

Experience Benagil Caves with SeaAlgarve Kayak & SUP Adventure

Benagil Kayak and SUP Adventure with SeaAlgarve 

Journey along the Algarve coastline with SeaAlgarve Wave, as you kayak or SUP into Benagil Caves. Relish the beauty of the coastline and immerse in nature’s wonders.


  • Adult: 42,00 €
  • Children: 27,00 €
  • Onlooker: 35,00 €

Essential Information:

  • Duration: 3:30 to 4 hours of scenic adventure.
  • Ages: Suitable for 3+ years and older.
  • Check-in: Arrive 30 minutes prior to departure.
  • Meet-Up Location: Albufeira Marina, specifically at the SeaAlgarve Wave’s main office, adjacent to GATE 3.
  • Capacity: Zen Mar accommodates up to 30 adventurers, while Zen Mar II can host up to 40.
  • Intensity: Moderate physical activity.
  • Equipment Choices: We offer single and double kayaks, as well as stand-up paddleboards (SUPs). For specific requests, drop us an email or call. If no preference is made, we provide based on availability during check-in.


The SeaAlgarve Wave Experience:

Embark on an unforgettable journey with SeaAlgarve Wave. Setting sail from Albufeira Marina on our bespoke catamarans – Zen Mar or Zen Mar II – behold the mesmerizing vista of Algarve's coastline. The first 40 minutes are all about absorbing these panoramic views.

Prepare to kayak or SUP into the heart of Benagil Caves as we anchor, exploring intricate rock formations, hidden beaches, and caverns under the guidance of SeaAlgarve Wave's knowledgeable guides.

For photography enthusiasts, every moment is a shot waiting to be captured. Become one with the elements; relish the serenity, and if you wish, dive into the azure waters or swim to refresh.

SUP, an exponentially growing oceanic activity, is a holistic sport that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. It offers unparalleled freedom, allowing you to stand tall or kneel, as per your comfort. Age or expertise is never a barrier with SeaAlgarve Wave, as we ensure each adventure is both safe and enriching.

Alternatively, if you're inclined towards kayaking, select from our single or double kayaks. Whether you're a novice or seasoned paddler, SeaAlgarve Wave ensures a seamless experience. Each trip is prefaced with a water safety overview and kayaking techniques.

Dive into the allure of Benagil Caves, choosing either a SUP or kayak, only with SeaAlgarve Wave!

Adventure Breakdown:

  • Start at Albufeira Marina
  • Relish the coastline's beauty for the initial 40 minutes.
  • Transition to kayaks or SUPs, exploring caves and hidden pockets for roughly 90 minutes. Guidance and safety briefings are always provided.
  • Conclude with a refreshing dip before returning to the marina.

Packing List: Equip yourself with a towel, sunscreen, a cap or hat, and post-adventure clothing. For those capturing moments, waterproof phone protection is advisable



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