Jet Boat Ride with Dream Wave

Dream Wave's Ultimate Jet Boat Adventure in Albufeira

Jet Boat Adventure in Albufeira

From adrenaline-packed spins to scenic coastal views, it's a ride to remember.

Pure Adrenaline!

Join Dream Wave, one of the top tour company in Albufeira, on an exhilarating oceanic voyage! Whether you're seeking heart-pounding adrenaline or simply wish to soak in the splendors of Portugal's pristine southern coastline, our jet boat ride ensures an unforgettable experience for all ages.

Duration 30 Minutes


  • Adults (Ages 11 and older): €30
  • Children (Ages 6 to 10): €20


The Jet Boat, powered by Dream Wave's seasoned expertise, departs from the vibrant Albufeira marina, graps the safety handle and brace yourself for a rip-roaring aquatic escapade. The boat, expertly steered by our trained captain, promises exhilarating power brakes, spirited splashes, and high-velocity spins all in the name of pure fun. So, choose outfits that won't mind a delightful drench!

When the boat eases its speed, let your gaze wander over the magnificent vistas of the Algarve coast, a gem in Portugal's tourism crown. As Dream Wave steers you back towards the harbor, cherish the memories etched against a backdrop of sun-kissed beaches, intricate caves, and stunning rock formations. And with Dream Wave's expertise, there’s a chance to spot playful dolphins or discover secluded spots far from the bustling tourist trails.


Dream Wave Highlights

  • Operational throughout the year, subject to favorable sea conditions;
  • Unleash 30 minutes of pure adrenaline with family on our jet boat;
  • Relish the thrill as our Dream Wave captain showcases maneuvers like power slides and 360-degree spins;
  • Explore the beauty of sandy shores, mysterious caves, and perhaps spot some dolphins;
  • Access untouched paradises, a world away from the crowded tourist hubs;
  • Expert commentary and comprehensive safety briefings by our Dream Wave professionals.


Essentials to Remember!

  • Keep your reference number and ID handy for check-in; no printed ticket required;
  • Arm yourself with sunscreen, swimwear, and a trusty towel;
  • Safety first: Life-jackets and thorough briefing are part and parcel of Dream Wave's commitment;
  • Onboard refreshments excluded;
  • 5 years is the entry age bar;
  • This adventure is off-limits for expectant mothers and those with back, neck, or heart concerns. All participants must be in optimal health;
  • Ensure you're at the specified check-in point (on your ticket) 20 minutes prior to launch;
  • Dream Wave's detailed contact information will be present in your confirmation email for any assistance.



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