Dream Wave Rib Boat Cruise

Dream Wave's Ultimate Rib Boat Cruise Along Algarve Coast

Insonia Rib - Caves & Dolphin Watching

Experience the Algarve's wonders with Dream Wave's intimate rib boat tour.

Dream Wave's Ultimate Dolphin & Cave Adventure: Rib Boat Cruise Along Algarve Coast!


  • Adults (Ages 11+): €35
  • Children (Ages 1-10): €25
  • Private: 420€

Duration: 2 Hours

Experience Highlights: Embark on a magical rib boat journey with Dream Wave, the leading tour operator renowned for curating unforgettable sea adventures. This 2-hour experience seamlessly combines the thrill of dolphin watching with the serenity of cave visits, making it an unparalleled offering in the Algarve.

Set sail from the picturesque Albufeira Marina, weaving through the majestic Algarve coast, until the captivating Carvoeiro beach emerges on the horizon. As the rib boat gracefully maneuvers through awe-inspiring caves and grand rock formations, you'll be transported to a world that whispers tales from eons past. The echoing chambers of these caves and the intricate patterns they house stand testimony to nature's artistic prowess.

As the rib boat glides back, the Dream Wave crew will pivot their attention to the open sea's playful residents. The sight of dolphins frolicking in their natural habitat, against the backdrop of the setting sun, is a memory that's etched in gold.

Included in Your Adventure:

  • Enthralling cave exploration with Dream Wave's expert guides.
  • An immersive dolphin-watching experience.
  • Knowledgeable tour guide to enrich your journey.

Know Before You Board:

  • Skip the print; just keep your reference number and ID handy for check-in.
  • Sea conditions might alter cave visits; our crew ensures a safe distance.
  • Dream Wave prioritizes safety; this tour isn't advised for pregnant individuals, babies below one year, or those with severe back/neck issues.
  • Sunscreen, swimwear, and towels are your best friends.
  • Safety first: briefing and life-jackets are provided.
  • No meals or beverages included.
  • Be punctual! Check-in at the specified location 20 minutes prior.
  • Your confirmation email holds all vital operator details.


Meeting Point: Gather at Albufeira Marina to kickstart this Dream Wave adventure!




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