Dream Wave Parasailing Albufeira

Dream Wave Parasailing an adrenaline-pumping parasailing adventure. Elevate your vacation experience with a bird's-eye view of Portugal's gems.

Dream Wave Parasailing

Fly Above Albufeira’s Picturesque Coastline with Professionals!

Embark on an adrenaline-pumping parasailing adventure with Dream Wave, offering breathtaking views of Albufeira. Elevate your vacation experience with a bird's-eye view of Portugal's gems


  • Adults (Ages 11 and up): €35
  • Children (Ages 6 to 10): €25
  • Spectators (Ages 6 and above): €25

Duration: Approximately 1 Hour

Capacity: Up to 12 enthusiastic voyagers
Ages: 6 and above

Dive into a heart-pounding parasailing escapade powered by Dream Wave, off the mesmerizing coast of Albufeira. Gift yourself the unique privilege of witnessing Portugal’s radiant resort city and its pristine sandy stretches from an elevated perspective. Embrace a 10-minute thrill-filled flight, letting the breezy winds brush against you, showcasing the magnificent sights from an unparalleled vantage point.

Your journey with Dream Wave commences at the famed Albufeira Marina. Here, our dedicated crew will initiate a comprehensive safety overview. Each participant will be equipped with a life jacket and a harness which ensures a secure connection to the parachute.

Once on board our sturdy Dream Wave vessel, we sail into the embracing waves of the open sea. Our seasoned skipper prepares you for takeoff, fastening the harness, unfurling the parachute, and gradually letting out the tether for your anticipated ascent. Experience an incredible elevation of up to 80 meters, soaking in the exhilarating rush of soaring above the azure waters.

Depending on our enthusiastic adventurers, the complete boat voyage can span up to 1h30min. Dream Wave offers either solo or trio flights; however, they're contingent upon prevailing sea conditions and specialized techniques. Once every participant has relished their moment in the sky, we'll conclude with a relaxing ride back to the marina.

Key Highlights with Dream Wave:

  • Gain a spectacular bird's-eye perspective of Albufeira and the southern coast of Portugal.
  • Relish the electrifying sensation of parasailing, making memories with loved ones.
  • Rely on the expertise and safety standards upheld by Dream Wave's proficient parasailing crew.

Package Inclusions:

  • Thorough safety instruction by Dream Wave specialists.
  • Necessary equipment for the activity.
  • A 10-minute parasailing session to remember.

Essential Information:

  • Digital tickets are accepted; carry your reference number and ID for check-in.
  • This Dream Wave boat expedition isn't advised for expectant mothers or infants below one year. Individuals with back or neck issues should also refrain.
  • Come prepared with sunscreen, swimwear, and towels.
  • Life-jackets and safety protocols are an integral part of our service.
  • Food and beverages aren't part of the package.
  • We recommend checking in at the mentioned location on your ticket, 20 minutes prior to departure.
  • Your confirmation email will provide exhaustive operator details, inclusive of contact numbers and addresses.

Meeting Point: Albufeira Marina, the heart of Dream Wave adventures!




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