Rocha Life Sagres Birding Tours

Discover Sagres with Rocha Life's expert-guided birdwatching tours. Witness majestic raptors, unique cliff-nesting storks, and vibrant passerines.

Rocha Life Birdwatching Expedition

Embark on a mesmerizing journey to the enchanting edges of the Iberian Peninsula with our exclusive Sagres birdwatching experience.

Rocha Life Birdwatching

Mexilhoeira Grande, a serene hideaway in Portugal, serves as the backdrop for this avian adventure that promises not only sightings of rare species but also a communion with nature in its most pristine form.

Sagres Birdwatching Expedition:

  • Investment for Nature’s Treasury: The experience is accessible at €80 per person, welcoming bird enthusiasts of all ages to partake in this ecological odyssey every Monday.
  • Duration and Distance: Over an 8-hour span, we traverse a comfortable 5-kilometer stretch graded ‘Easy’, ensuring an inclusive adventure suitable for family members of every generation.
  • Avian Aria: The cliffs of Sagres serve as the natural amphitheater where the Black Redstart's vibrant call and the Blue Rock Thrush's melodious tunes create a concert of wild, untamed beauty.

Rates for a Day of Discovery:

  • Universal Pricing: A uniform rate of €80 applies to all, ensuring that every participant, adult or child, can equally enjoy the day’s offerings.
  • Private Escapades: For those desiring a tailored experience, our private groups require a minimum of four participants, promising a bespoke journey through nature’s wonders.

The Day’s Narrative: Our story unfolds within the “Costa Vicentina and Sudoeste Alentejano” Natural Park, a treasure trove of biodiversity. As we find ourselves at the southwestern tip of Europe, each step brings us closer to the rare and the sublime. The daybreak greets us near the historical Sagres fortress, a vantage point not only rich in heritage but also in birding prospects. Here, migratory birds find solace among the shrubs, and local avian residents thrive.

Moving through the terrain, we approach the season’s climax with the raptor migration. Imagine the skies painted with the majestic wings of Eagles and the agile flight of Falcons, each moving with purpose across the heavens. The area blooms with spring flowers, offering a kaleidoscope of colors as a backdrop to the harmonic warblers, marking the region as a breeding sanctuary.

Our midday sojourn takes place in a tranquil pinewood, with the sweet serenade of Serins setting the score for our lunch under the whispering pine trees. As the afternoon unfolds, Cape St Vincent offers us the rare sight of White Storks, defying the norm by nesting precariously on the cliffs, where land battles the might of the sea.

We conclude our voyage within the pastoral elegance of Vale Santo, where the elusive Little Bustard reigns and Southern Grey Shrikes survey their domain. Here, the tapestry of nature is interwoven with human touch, as extensive farming provides a mosaic landscape for Quails and other species thriving in the lush vegetation.

Inclusions for an Unparalleled Experience: Your journey is richly adorned with the essentials for a fulfilling day. An expert guide will lead the way, while a meticulously crafted checklist ensures every sighting is noted. Field guides are provided for in-depth discovery, punctuated by a refreshing drink to savor during a contemplative midday or celebratory end-of-day pause. Rest assured, all transportation is included, allowing you to indulge in the natural beauty without the worldly concern of logistics.

In this comprehensive excursion, we pledge more than just a birdwatching trip; we offer an immersive expedition into the heart of nature, where every moment becomes a cherished memory, every sighting a triumphant thrill, and every landscape a chapter in your personal storybook of the great outdoors.



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