Alvor Dune Discovery Walk

Delight in Rocha Life's Alvor Dunes adventure—birdwatching blended with the sweet treat of ice cream. Explore boardwalks and beaches on this easy, family-friend

Alvor Dunes Walk

Rocha Life Nature Walk

Embark on a delightful journey through the enchanting Alvor Dunes, where the warm Portuguese sun bathes the land in a golden hue, inviting nature lovers and families alike to witness the rich avian tapestry of Mexilhoeira Grande. Rocha Life’s meticulously crafted afternoon adventure spans four leisurely hours, covering a gentle 3-kilometer trail accessible to all ages, ensuring an inclusive experience for every eager explorer.

Rates: Adults and Children: 39 € per person Private Groups: Available with a minimum of 4 participants

Duration: 4 enriching hours of nature exploration

About the Tour: Our journey commences on the sturdy boardwalk meandering through the Alvor Dunes, where the air resonates with the melodic calls of Crested Larks and the rhythmic chants of Zitting Cisticolas. Keen observers might spot the vibrant plumage of Sardinian Warblers darting through the underbrush, while Goldfinches and Greenfinches grace the skies with their acrobatic flights.

As we venture closer to the estuary, a treasure trove of avian activity unfolds before us. The low tide reveals mudflats teeming with life, where Oystercatchers probe the soft earth, Sanderlings scurry along the water’s edge, and Grey Plovers perform their delicate dance. Dunlins, Whimbrels, and other waders join this delicate ballet of survival, each species an integral thread in the estuary’s ecological tapestry.

Springtime breathes new life into the dunes, coaxing Short-toed Larks, Kentish Plovers, and Little Terns to claim this idyllic setting as their breeding ground. With a bit of luck, we may witness the tender scenes of Kentish Plover families nurturing their young or be captivated by the courtship displays of Little Terns against the coastal breeze.

Our return is marked by the soothing sounds of the sea as we tread along the sandy beach, where the option for a refreshing swim beckons. The Alvor marsh's edge is our companion, promising glimpses of more waders and, in the winter, the elusive Bluethroat.

As the sun dips closer to the horizon, casting a warm, amber glow over the landscape, we savor the simple pleasure of a drink or an ice cream, a sweet finale near the lapping waves. It's not just a walk; it's an experience that marries the joys of birdwatching with the timeless pleasure of a seaside stroll.

What is Included: Every aspect of your journey is curated for comfort and enjoyment, with Rocha Life providing an expert guide to lead you through the dunes and marshes. A comprehensive checklist ensures no sighting is missed, while field guides enrich your knowledge. The experience is capped off with a drink or ice cream, celebrating the day's discoveries. All transportation during the tour is conveniently arranged for you, ensuring a stress-free adventure immersed in nature’s wonders.



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