Castro Verde Bird Watching Tour

Explore the Unique Bird Species and Stunning Scenery of Castro Verde on a Full-Day Guided Tour

Winged Wonders of Castro Verde: A Birdwatcher's Paradise

Embark on a Scenic 12-Hour Adventure Through Alentejo's Breathtaking Landscapes and Diverse Bird Life

Castro Verde: An Unforgettable Bird-Watching Experience

Overview of the Tour
Embark on a 12-hour journey into the heart of Castro Verde, a unique region distinct from Algarve in its landscape and avian diversity. This tour is designed to offer an immersive birding experience, commencing early to accommodate the lengthy drive (approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes) to the destination. Castro Verde, in the serene Alentejo region, is a haven for bird enthusiasts, boasting a variety of species that differ from those found in the Algarve.

The tour is priced at 140 € for both adults and children. Private group bookings require a minimum of four participants.

Bird Watching Highlights
As the journey unfolds, participants will likely encounter Storks nesting, Buzzards, and Cattle Egrets en route. The drive traverses an old road leading to Vale Gonçalinho, a property managed by the LPN (Liga para a Proteção da Natureza). This route offers the flexibility to stop as needed for optimal bird watching. Vale Gonçalinho, a prime location for spotting Rollers and Lesser Kestrels during spring, is meticulously arranged to facilitate breeding of these species. Additionally, the winter months bring an abundance of Calandra Larks and regular sightings of the Black-bellied Sandgrouse. The tour dedicates the morning to exploring this property.

Afternoon Adventures
In the afternoon, the journey continues through various localities along small roads, perfect for frequent stops to observe Bustards, Sandgrouse, and Harriers in the surrounding fields. A strategic vantage point offers a panoramic view of the landscape, enhancing the chances of seeing Cranes in winter and large birds of prey.

Culinary Delight
The day concludes with a delightful culinary experience in Castro Verde, providing an opportunity to savor local flavors before the return journey.

Inclusions in the Tour The tour price encompasses several amenities:

  • Expert guidance by an experienced bird-watching guide.
  • Provision of a comprehensive checklist.
  • Access to field guides for enhanced bird identification.
  • A refreshing drink either midway or at the end of the day.
  • All transportation costs.
  • A specially arranged snack in Castro Verde.


With scenic drives, knowledgeable guidance, and a taste of the regional cuisine, this meticulously planned tour provides an unmatched opportunity to explore Castro Verde's abundant bird life.



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