Half Day Quad by Algarve Riders

Dive deep into Albufeira's hidden landscapes with Algarve Riders' signature 3 hour quad bike adventure.

Half-Day Quad Tour

Ultimate Quad Bike Adventure in Albufeira

Algarve Riders Presents: Enchanting Half-Day Quad Expedition

Algarve Riders, the leading name in exhilarating experiences, presents an unparalleled ATV journey. Dive deeper into the magic of the Algarve hinterlands with a duration of approximately 3 hours, ensuring you truly immerse yourself in the region.

95€ - Individual Quad (1 person per Quad)
125€ - Double Quad (2 persons per Quad)

Eager to uncover hidden gems tucked away in the Algarve that are often elusive to pedestrians or public transport users? Set forth on an enchanting quad bike adventure with Algarve Riders, commencing from the picturesque town of Albufeira. As you traverse breathtaking rural paths, the panoramic sights of Algarve's landscapes await. Revel in the guidance of Algarve Riders' seasoned professionals, who enrich your experience with invaluable local insights. This isn't just any ATV escapade – with Algarve Riders, you’re guaranteed more on-track time, delving deeper into the Algarve's untouched beauty. Amidst the thrill, take pauses for capturing memories and rejuvenating. This meticulously planned route by Algarve Riders spans about 50km, tailored to invigorate both novices and experts.

Highlights with Algarve Riders:

  • Majestic Castle of Paderne
  • Quaint Village of Paderne
  • Lush Orange groves
  • Expansive views of Algarve's serene countryside
  • Ribeiras (subject to weather)
  • Engrossing tales of local legends and traditions


  • Possession of a valid driving license
  • Valid identification (passport or ID)
  • €100 deposit (acceptable in both cash and credit card)
  • Note: Kids below 7 years are not permitted for safety reasons.

Added Services:
Algarve Riders offers convenient pick-up and drop-off services between Armação de Pêra and Vilamoura.
Charges are determined based on your location.

What's Included:

  • Quad Bikes by Algarve Riders
  • A rich 3-hour experience
  • Weather-resistant gear
  • Helmets and Protective eyewear
  •  Insurance
  • Refreshing water bottles
  • Fuel costs covered
  • Expert Guidance from Algarve Riders’ Professional


Safety Precautions:

Adhering to safety standards, Algarve Riders mandates a valid car driving license (category B). The €100 deposit, payable during the tour initiation, is fully refundable, given that all of Algarve Riders' rules are adhered to.


I affirm that I am 18 years or older. I have acknowledged and am in agreement with the terms set by Algarve Riders.

What should I bring?

  • Suitable footwear (excluding sandals or slippers)
  • Attire apt for the day's weather
  • Driving license and the €100 deposit
  • An adventurous heart, ready to embrace the Algarve Riders experience!



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