Half-Day Buggy tour by Algarve Riders

Embark on an exhilarating half-day buggy journey with Algarve Riders, traversing through diverse terrains, historical sites, and soaking in panoramic views.

Half-Day Buggy Tour

Algarve Riders' Ultimate Buggy Expedition

Buggy Adventure That Thrills!
Dive into an epic experience that spans 3 hours of pure excitement. With Algarve Riders, journey through the captivating roads of the Algarve, transitioning from sleek asphalt highways to the rugged trails of the mountains.

135€ - Individual Buggy (1 person per buggy)
150€ - Double Buggy (2 persons per Buggy)

Journey Highlights:

  • Historic Trail: Discover the ancient Paderne Castle and delve into the stories and mysteries of Paderne Village.
  • Nature's Charm: Meander through verdant Orange Groves and the mesmerizing Cork Oak Forest. Discover the tranquil atmosphere by the streams and become enamored with the expansive Algarve landscapes.
  • Cultural Dive: Enrich your journey with Algarve Riders by learning about Legends, Stories, and Traditions rooted deep within the Algarve's heritage.

What's Needed for Your Adventure:

  • Mandatory Documents: A valid driving license is crucial. Additionally, ensure to bring along your passport or any identification document.
  • Security Deposit: A deposit of €200, payable in cash or credit card on the adventure day.
  • Age & Height Restrictions: To ensure everyone's safety, Algarve Riders does not accommodate children below 5 years or those under 1.20m. Please provide ID at check-in.

Inclusions with Algarve Riders:

  • Specially designed buggy for your adventure.
  • 3 thrilling hours exploring the Algarve trails.
  • Necessary equipment, including helmets for safety.
  • Petrol to fuel your journey.
  • Professional guide to enhance your experience.

Know Before You Go:

  • Sturdy footwear is recommended (avoid sandals or slippers).
  • Dress comfortably, keeping the day's weather in mind.
  • Always carry the mentioned deposit amount (€200 in cash or card).
  • I certify to be an adult (18+)
  • I have read and agree to the terms
  • Lastly, bring along your undying spirit of adventure!

Join Algarve Riders and make memories that will last a lifetime. Dive deep into the heart of the Algarve and experience an adventure like no other.



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