Loulé marker Tour by Zebra Safari

Experience the rich heritage of Algarve on a Zebra Safari: from the sensory delights of Loulé Market to the ancestral craft of cork production.

Loulé Market

Explore the captivating Loulé market and gain comprehensive knowledge about the cork industry

Immerse Yourself in Algarve's Cultural Tapestry with Zebra Safari's Comprehensive Cork Experience


  • Exclusive Group Offer for 4 Explorers: €324
  • Adults (Aged 10 and above): €81
  • Young Adventurers (Aged 9 and under): Free

Duration: Full-Day Experience (7 Hours)


Tour Insights:
Venture into the heart of Algarve with Zebra Safari and let the spirited ambiance of Loulé's local market enchant you. Indulge in the exquisite taste of the globally acclaimed carob cake, thoughtfully paired with your choice of a warm coffee or soothing tea. Witness the fascinating process of cork transformation during a guided tour within a traditional cork factory, where you'll gain insight into this sustainable art form.

Extend your knowledge at the Museu do Traje do Algarve, where the region's sartorial history comes to life. Afterward, let the picturesque tranquility of S.Brás envelop you as you stroll through its historically rich streets, a Zebra Safari highlight not to be missed.

Culinary Interlude:
Allocate some time to satiate your palate with local gastronomy during a midday break for lunch (note: meal costs are not covered in the tour).

Zebra Safari Transportation:
Navigate the scenic terrain of Algarve in Zebra Safari's signature 4×4 off-road vehicles, captained by our expert drivers and guides. Their expertise ensures not only a journey filled with fun and education but also the utmost safety for you and your loved ones.

Key Information:
Zebra Safari prioritizes your convenience with our complimentary shuttle service from and to specific pick-up points (including Armação de Pera, Albufeira, and Vilamoura). We’re fully equipped to accommodate our littlest guests with baby seats and booster chairs, free of charge.

Embrace the opportunity to connect with Algarve's cultural landscape through Zebra Safari’s meticulously curated cork adventure. This tour promises a deep dive into the region's traditional practices, an exploration of its architectural gems, and an intimate look at the natural beauty that surrounds us. With Zebra Safari, every moment is more than just a visit it's an experience steeped in local lore and natural wonder. Secure your seats today and prepare for a Zebra Safari journey that seamlessly weaves educational insights with leisurely exploration for an unforgettable escapade in Algarve's lush landscapes.



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