Cruzeiros da Oura's Sunset Cruise

Join Cruzeiros da Oura for an unforgettable sunset cruise departing from Vilamoura Marina. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Algarve coast trip

Cruzeiros da Oura Sunset Cruise

A specially designed three-hour journey for sunset lovers

Embark on a mesmerizing journey with Cruzeiros da Oura, specially designed for those who are enchanted by sunsets. This three-hour sunset cruise, departing from the scenic Vilamoura Marina, offers an unforgettable experience for both adults and children.


  • Adults (12+): €40.
  • Children (3-11): €20.
  • Infants (0-3): Free.
  • Private Groups: Up to 42 people for €1,680.

During the cruise, passengers have the chance to swim in the tranquil sea, a perfect way to cool off and enjoy the serene environment. The soothing sound of chill-out music complements this relaxing experience, creating an atmosphere of utter bliss. To enhance the ambiance, Cruzeiros da Oura offers a complimentary flute of sparkling wine, allowing guests to toast to the beauty of the sunset at Vilamoura Marina.

Important Considerations

  • Accessibility: The boat is not equipped for electric wheelchairs.
  • Timing: Typically runs from 17:30 to 20:30, depending on the season.
  • Included: Welcome drink.
  • Not Included: Meals and transfer (available upon request).

Recommendations for Guests

  • Bring comfortable clothing, a swimsuit, a towel, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Cruzeiros da Oura's sunset cruise from Vilamoura Marina is an exquisite adventure for sunset lovers. It's a special experience where guests can revel in the natural beauty of the sea, cliffs, and the enchanting sunset, all while enjoying the comforts and hospitality offered by the cruise. Whether swimming, relaxing to music, or simply admiring the sunset, this cruise promises to be the highlight of your day, encapsulating the essence of a perfect seaside escape.



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