Cruzeiros da Oura Dolphins and Caves

Join Cruzeiros da Oura for an unforgettable Dolphins and Caves Cruise from Vilamoura Marina. Discover the Algarve's stunning coastline aboard a RIB boat.

Cruzeiros da Oura Dolphins and Caves

Dolphins and Caves Adventure with Cruzeiros da Oura from Vilamoura Marina

Embark on an unforgettable journey with "Cruzeiros da Oura's Dolphins and Caves Cruise," a must-experience adventure departing from the scenic Vilamoura Marina. This two-hour expedition, aboard a swift and sturdy RIB boat, offers a unique opportunity to witness the captivating beauty of the Algarvian coast and its resident dolphins.


  • Adults (12+) - €40
  • Children (3-11) - €35 
  • Private Groups (All ages) - €720

Tour Overview:
Experience the Magic of Dolphin Watching: As you set sail from the picturesque Vilamoura Marina, prepare to be enthralled by the possibility of encountering dolphin families, with a high chance of 89% of spotting these graceful creatures. Cruzeiros da Oura ensures that these encounters are respectful and adhere to strict safety guidelines, allowing you to observe dolphins in their natural habitat.

Discover the Spectacular Caves: Alongside dolphin watching, this cruise takes you on a voyage to explore the stunning caves dotting the Algarvian coast. The RIB boat, known for its agility and speed, is perfect for navigating these intriguing formations, offering an up-close view of their majestic beauty.

Wildlife Observation:
In addition to dolphins, this cruise presents the opportunity to witness a diverse array of wildlife. From various bird species to flying fish and occasional sharks, nature's splendor unfolds before your eyes in its most pristine form.

Enjoy the Sea Breeze:
As the RIB boat cuts through the waves, feel the exhilarating sea breeze and immerse yourself in the moment. This is a time to be especially attentive, as the open sea brings surprises and delights at every turn.

A Journey of Respect and Wonder:
Cruzeiros da Oura is committed to providing a respectful and environmentally conscious experience. Observing these magnificent dolphins and exploring the breathtaking caves becomes not just an adventure, but a journey of understanding and appreciation for the natural world.

In conclusion, the Dolphins and Caves Cruise from Cruzeiros da Oura, starting at Vilamoura Marina and aboard a RIB boat, is more than just a tour; it's an invitation to connect with nature in its most awe-inspiring forms. The chance to see dolphins, explore caves, and witness diverse wildlife makes this a must-do for anyone visiting the Algarve.



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