Cruzeiros da Oura Benagil Cave Tour

Join Cruzeiros da Oura for a spectacular 4-hour Benagil Cave tour, departing from Vilamoura Marina.

Cruzeiros da Oura Benagil Cave Cruise

Embark from Vilamoura Marina on a 4-Hour cruise to Benagil Caves

Embark on an unforgettable 4-hour journey with Cruzeiros da Oura, exploring the awe-inspiring Benagil Cave, starting from the famous Vilamoura Marina. This tour is a highlight for anyone visiting the Algarve, showcasing the stunning coastal beauty and the captivating Benagil Cave.


  • Adults (12+): €45
  • Children (3-11): €25
  • Infants (0-3): Free
  • Private Groups (up to 42 people): €1,890

Setting Sail from Vilamoura Marina: Your adventure begins at Vilamoura Marina, a bustling hub known for its scenic views. Cruzeiros da Oura offers a memorable voyage along the Algarve’s coast, leading to the famed Benagil Cave.

Discovering the Benagil Cave: Renowned for its breathtaking rock formations and secluded beaches, the Benagil Cave is a natural wonder. On reaching the cave, weather permitting, you can enter this unique formation and capture amazing photographs, creating lasting memories.

Inclusive and Comfortable Experience: Cruzeiros da Oura ensures that your journey is comfortable and enjoyable. A complimentary drink is offered during the tour, with choices including white wine, water, and orange juice.

Dolphin Sightings and Swimming Stops: While cruising to the Benagil Cave, keep an eye out for dolphins, often seen in these waters. The tour also includes a swimming stop, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing Atlantic waters.

Accessibility Note: The boat used for this tour is not equipped for electric wheelchairs.

Recommended Items to Bring: For your comfort, bring suitable clothing, a swimsuit, a towel, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Although meals are not included, transportation can be arranged upon request.

In summary, the Benagil Cave tour by Cruzeiros da Oura offers an exclusive opportunity to explore one of the Algarve's most stunning natural attractions. Departing from Vilamoura Marina, this 4-hour cruise is not just a tour but an experience, blending scenic beauty with comfortable amenities.



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