Restaurant Vivant Almancil

Experience the epitome of Vivant, the Algarve's latest dining and nightlife sensation.


Fine Dining

Embodying the essence of joie de vivre, a "bon vivant" seeks out the vibrant pulse of life, thriving on exquisite experiences, social engagement, and the thrill of adventure. This spirit resonates deeply with the founders of the newly inaugurated Algarve restaurant, Vivant, a project that gestated over a year, embodying the essence of life's pleasures and adventures.

Vivant, aptly named, emerged as a sibling to the acclaimed Lisbon establishments Descarado and Cervejaria Sem Vergonha, also helmed by Francisco and Diogo Amaral. Its doors opened on May 23, extending a warm invitation to food enthusiasts and nightlife aficionados, offering an unparalleled experience in the Algarve's heart.

The founders' vision was to craft a welcoming space, almost like opening their own home to the world, with a capacity to host hundreds in a standing soiree and 180 for seated dining. This vision wasn't just about creating another seasonal hotspot but a year-round destination that breathes life into the Algarve's vibrant scene.

The search for the perfect venue led them to an enchanting old school, transformed about six decades ago into a catering space, nestled in the prime location of Almancil, Quinta do Lago, and Vale do Lobo. Despite the initial plans facing delays, the result was a meticulously curated venue that opened its doors in soft launch mode, inviting guests into a space that feels like a friend's home, complete with artistic touches and a garden deck.

Vivant retains the school's original charm from the 19th century, preserving its architectural heritage while offering a layout reminiscent of a cozy home. The venue boasts a wine cellar, a kitchen, dining, lounge areas, and even a fireplace, ensuring a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Each room is thoughtfully designed, including a unique bathroom suite, reflecting the meticulous attention to detail that defines the entire experience. The menu, crafted by chef Diogo Simões, offers a fusion of global influences, encouraging the communal joy of sharing meals among friends.

With a vast outdoor space, Vivant becomes a lively hub until the early hours, enriched by DJ sets and live music, making every evening an unforgettable event. This endeavor is not just a business but a passion project for its founders, promising to be a beacon of entertainment and gastronomy in the Algarve.