Restaurant Dom Sebastião Lagos

Restaurant Dom Sebastião Lagos: Authentic Portuguese Cuisine in Algarve

Don Sebastião

Restaurante Don Sebastião, nestled in the charming town of Lagos, Portugal, stands as a testament to traditional Portuguese gastronomy. Established in May 1979, this beloved dining spot has built a reputation for its exquisite seafood and fish, sourced directly from the local waters. The restaurant's ambiance reflects a blend of rustic charm and elegant hospitality, with two spacious dining rooms and an inviting outdoor terrace set on a picturesque cobbled patio.

The menu is a celebration of the rich culinary heritage of the Algarve region, featuring an array of delectable dishes. Highlights include pork chops adorned with figs, a local delicacy, and the aromatic shellfish rice, a true feast for the senses. The restaurant takes pride in its live seafood displays, housed in large aquariums, allowing guests to witness the freshness of their meal.

A unique feature of Don Sebastião is its impressive underground wine cellar, an underground treasure trove boasting a collection of over 240 varieties of wine. This includes a selection of vintage Port and Madeira wines, making it a paradise for wine aficionados. The cellar is available for guided tours, adding an extra layer of experience to the dining journey.

The restaurant caters to a variety of events and group reservations, with a seating capacity of 40 on the ground floor, 60 on the first floor, and 38 on the terrace. This versatility makes it an ideal location for special occasions.