Monchique Forest Walk

Monchique Forest Walk: Explore Monchique Village, Taste Medronho, and Wander Through Lush Forests on this Guided Tour

Monchique Forest Walk w/ Medronho Tasting

Explore the Enchanting Monchique Forest on a Guided Walk with a Medronho Tasting Adventure

Delve into the heart of nature and immerse yourself in the charm of Monchique, a quaint mountain village, on an enthralling day trip from Lagos. This guided adventure is not just a walk; it's a journey through time and nature, culminating in the tantalizing taste of Medronho, a locally renowned beverage.

A Picturesque Village Awaits
Your adventure begins as you are whisked away from your Lagos hotel and transported to Monchique. As you step foot in this enchanting village, you'll feel like you've entered a fairytale. Stroll through winding streets and narrow alleys, admiring the orange-roofed houses and distinctive skirted chimneys that dot the landscape.

Exploring Beyond the Village
Venture beyond the village boundaries to discover the hidden treasures of the countryside. Along the way, you'll encounter rustic farmhouses and lush vegetable gardens, painting a vivid picture of rural life. A pivotal moment awaits as you stop at a local distillery, where you'll have the privilege of savoring Medronho. This traditional beverage, crafted from the fruit of the medronheiro, or strawberry tree, is a sensory delight that captures the essence of the region.

Into the Heart of the Forest
The adventure takes an exhilarating turn as you journey deeper into the forest. Towering oak trees create a natural canopy overhead, and your guide will reveal the secrets of native flora and fauna that call this ecosystem home. Follow your guide along breathtaking mountain trails that lead to a serene creek, where you can pause to appreciate the tranquility of nature.

A Rewarding Experience
After an approximately 11-kilometer trek, you'll find yourself back in Monchique Village, your heart and senses enriched by this incredible journey. To conclude your day, relax in comfort during a convenient transfer back to your Lagos hotel.

Technical Details:

  • Distance Covered: 11 kilometers
  • Difficulty Level: Moderately challenging
  • Duration: 4 hours

This Monchique Forest Walk with Medronho Tasting adventure promises a sensory and cultural experience like no other, inviting you to connect with nature, history, and tradition in a truly immersive way.



Unforgettable Journey! - November 2023

“The Monchique Forest Walk was an unforgettable journey through picturesque landscapes. Tasting Medronho at the local distillery was a highlight. Highly recommended!”

Nature Lover's Paradise! - October 2023

“As a nature enthusiast, this tour exceeded my expectations. The forest trails were breathtaking, and our guide's knowledge of the local flora and fauna was impressive.”

Delightful Cultural Experience - September 2023

“This tour was not just about the beautiful scenery but also a delightful cultural experience. Walking through Monchique village and savoring Medronho gave me a true taste of the Algarve region.”