Historical Tour with Traditional Lunch

Join the 7-hour guided tour to uncover the Algarve's historical gems, from the Estoi Palace gardens to the ancient Roman Villa of Milreu.

Exploring the History & Taste of the Algarve

Embark on a 7-hour expedition to experience the authentic charm of the Algarve.

Exploration of Maritime Heritage and Flavors


  • Adult (Over 10 Years): €108
  • Child (Up to 9 Years): €54
  • Private Tour: €864 per Jeep (Maximum 8 Guests)


  • pick-up
  • Lunch
  • Suitable for All Ages

Duration: 7 hours


Immerse yourself in the rich narrative of the Algarve. Admire the Estoi Palace's botanical splendor and delve into its historical significance intertwined with ecclesiastical ties.

Commence your morning amid the splendor of Estoi Palace's lodgings and botanical retreats, traversing past the neoclassical mother church and the ancient Roman Villa of Milreu. Here, you’ll encounter archaeological treasures nestled within its remnants, from intricate mosaics depicting the era to remnants of marble and pottery, all revealing the sophistication of Roman residential heating technologies.

This journey also affords you a unique chance to experience local craftsmanship and gastronomy. Witness the traditional art of basket weaving and gain insights into the intricate processes behind the creation of regional delicacies.


  • Tour a boutique stocked with Algarve's local specialties.
  • Explore the storied ruins of Milreu.

The adventure culminates in a quintessential Portuguese repast served on terracotta—a hearty conclusion to a day steeped in history and local tastes.



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