Caroveiro Caves Private Boat Tour

Discover the Majestic Benagil Cave and Marinha Beach on Our Exclusive Algarve Cave Tour

Caroveiro Caves Private Tour to Benagil and Marina

Explore the Wonders of Algarve: Benagil and Marinha Caves Private Tour

Benagil and Marinha Caves Private Tour

Embark on an exclusive adventure with our "Benagil and Marinha Caves Private Tour," tailor-made for you and your companions. This 90-minute journey, open to individuals of all ages, promises an intimate and unforgettable experience.

Tour Overview
Our tour features a private boat, steered by our highly skilled and professional skippers, dedicated solely to your group. The duration of this scenic journey is 1 hour and 30 minutes, during which you will be treated to a variety of breathtaking sights and experiences.


  • €350 for a Private Group
  • Suitable for All Ages
  • Maximum Capacity: 10 People



  • Private boat tour led by Professional Skippers
  • Exclusive to you and your loved ones


Tour Duration

  • 1 Hour and 30 Minutes


Key Highlights

  • Praia do Carvoeiro: Voted Europe's Most Beautiful Beach
  • Visit Vale de Covo, Carvalho, Benagil Cave (Algar-de-Benagil)
  • Explore Corredoura and Praia da Marinha: Among the World's Top 100 Beaches



  • Opportunity for a Sea Dive on warmer days
  • Explore beaches with White Sand and Crystalline Waters


Tour Inclusions

  • Sightseeing return tour from Carvoeiro to Marinha Beach
  • Visit the 17 Main Benagil Caves
  • Includes Safety Briefing and Insured Boat with Automatic Life Jackets


Important Information for Guests

  • Check-in at Carvoeiro Beach 30 minutes before boarding
  • Recommended items: Water, Hat, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Comfortable Clothing, Camera
  • Accessible for Passengers with Reduced Mobility


Weather and Safety

  • Tours subject to change due to Weather Conditions
  • Contact us for confirmation on the day of the tour
  • Safety is our Priority


Liability Disclaimer

  • Not responsible for damages or loss of personal items


Embark on a Memorable Journey

  • Experience the scenic beauty and adventure of the Algarve Coast


Join this exclusive and scenic exploration of the Algarve's coastline, where safety, adventure, and unforgettable memories are guaranteed.



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