Tridente Private Benagil Cave Tour

Tridente Private Benagil Cave Tour to discover the unseen and unspoiled parts of the Algarve coast.

Private Benagil Cave Tour by Tridente Boat Trips

Exclusive Exploration of Nature's Hidden Marvels

Embark on an exclusive and unforgettable journey with our Private Benagil Cave Tour. This unique experience, starting from the picturesque location of Armação de Pêra, offers a one-of-a-kind adventure tailored just for you and your group. The tour, designed to accommodate people of all ages, ensures an intimate and personalized experience, with a dedicated boat reserved exclusively for your group.

Private Charter 
For a flat fee of €250, you can charter our private boat, accommodating a maximum of 10 people. This price guarantees not just a journey but an experience that is both exclusive and intimate. Gather your friends or family and dive into a personalized adventure.

Exploration Duration
Our journey spans an entire hour, packed with sights and experiences. During this time, you will be treated to a visual feast of natural wonders.

Discover Hidden Gems
The tour is a gateway to discovering the unseen and unspoiled parts of the Algarve coast. We will guide you through approximately 10 awe-inspiring sea caves and 15 wild, untouched beaches, culminating in a visit to the globally renowned Benagil cave.

Starting Point
The adventure begins at Armação de Pêra beach, where our new and private boat awaits to whisk you away on this extraordinary journey. As we navigate, you'll witness the majestic beauty of around 10 different caves and 8 secluded, stunning beaches.

Exclusive Access
This private tour is the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with the famous Benagil cave. It's an ideal setting for capturing those breathtaking photographs that will immortalize your experience.

Secluded Beauty
Our route is meticulously planned to showcase the hidden treasures accessible only by sea, revealing the unseen beauty of the coastline on our way from Armação de Pêra to the Benagil cave.

In summary, this Private Benagil Cave Tour offers more than just a sightseeing trip; it's an intimate exploration of one of the most beautiful and mysterious parts of the Algarve coast, tailored exclusively for you and your group. Don't miss this opportunity to create unforgettable memories and capture stunning photographs in a setting that can only be described as a slice of paradise.



A Journey Beyond Expectations - September 2023

“Our Private Benagil Cave Tour was nothing short of magical. The caves were breathtaking, and the secluded beaches were a slice of paradise. The crew made sure every moment was special. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!”

Unforgettable Family Adventure - August 2023

“We took our family on the Benagil Cave Tour, and it was the highlight of our trip. The kids were in awe of the caves, and we loved the privacy and personal touch. The tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly. A perfect trip!”

Photographer's Dream Come True - July 2023

“As a professional photographer, the Private Benagil Cave Tour offered me the most stunning scenes to capture. The play of light in the caves and the untouched beauty of the beaches were phenomenal. Highly recommend for any photography enthusiasts!”

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