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ALGARVE SKYDIVING SEVEN AIR the best skydiving centre in the Algarve offering tandem jumps for beginners. Tandem skydiving is a thrilling memorable experience!

Algarve Skydiving Centre

Tandem Skydiving Experience. Skydive.


Tandem Parachuting / Skydiving enables you to experience the thrill of freefall without any extensive training in the stunning Algarve which boasts more than 300 days of sunshine annually.

The day begins with a short tandem briefing as you will jump harnessed to the front of a fully qualified parachuting instructor. You will be jumping from 15,000ft!  The adrenaline will kick in as you experience one whole adrenaline fuelled minute of freefall, reaching terminal velocity at 120mph.

Generally we only require a 10 minute briefing as it is the instructor who opens and lands the parachute and controls the Jump.  Tandem skydiving is open to pretty much anyone as long as you are aged 16+ and is the best way to experience the scenery of the Algarve from a few miles up!

The Algarve Tandem Skydiving Instructor will explain everything you need to know about your skydiving experience. There is also a spectator area very close to the landing site for friends and family to watch.

If you’re a first-time skydiver, there’s no reason to be intimidated, its natural to be nervous but you are in good hands.  Our focus is to ensure you have a great experience in a relaxed and fun environment, it will be the highlight of your holiday for sure!

Tandem skydiving is by far the most popular option for first time jumpers because it is a fast and easy way to experience the wonderful world of skydiving with only minimal training required.

After your check-in and filling out your paperwork, you’ll be introduced to your tandem skydiving instructor who will take you through a quick ground training session where you’ll learn about the harness and parachute system, proper body positioning, and how to exit the aircraft. Then it’s time to ride the plane up to altitude and enjoy the thrill of freefalling at 200Kmh.

For jumps from 5000 meters high (15000 ft), the rate is 209€. From 3500 meters high (10000 ft), the rate is 139€.





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