Water Taxi Alvor to Lagos Return

Water Taxi from Alvor to Lagos Return with Comfort, Beauty, and Unforgettable Memories.

Water Taxi From Alvor to Lagos with Return

Scenic Sea Journey: Alvor to Lagos Water Taxi Adventure

Embark on a memorable and picturesque journey between Alvor and Lagos with our exclusive Water Taxi service. This unique mode of transportation offers more than just a simple transfer; it's an experience that immerses you in the natural beauty and serenity of the sea.


  • Adults (Aged 12 and above): Priced at 35€, adults can enjoy a comfortable and scenic ride.
  • Children (Aged 3-11 years): With a special rate of 17.50€, it's an affordable adventure for young explorers.
  • Infants (Up to 2 years old): We welcome the littlest passengers aboard free of charge, making it a family-friendly experience.

Journey Duration:

  • The trip lasts for approximately 1 hour, ensuring ample time to soak in the views and enjoy the voyage.


About the Experience:

  • Why hurry when you can savor the journey? Our Water Taxi service isn't just a mode of transportation; it's an invitation to relish the journey as much as the destination.
  • Glide across the bay in elegance and comfort on one of our two magnificently restored sailing vessels. These boats boast a journey time of about 45 minutes, blending efficiency with pleasure.
  • Safety is a priority, yet comfort isn't compromised. Due to the size and stability of our vessels, lifejackets are not a necessity. However, they are available for those who prefer the extra security.
  • We encourage our passengers to freely move around the boat. Feel free to sit on the foredeck, interact with our friendly crew, and fully immerse yourself in the maritime experience.

Meeting Point:

  • Our journey begins at the Alvor Harbour. You'll find our sales kiosk and meeting area at the first pontoon near the old fish market.


Scenic Route:

  • The voyage takes you through Alvor's nature reserve, across the picturesque Lagos bay, and along the stunning Meia Praia beach. The culmination of this scenic trip is the grand entrance into Lagos harbor, a sight to behold.

Onboard Amenities:

  • To enhance your experience, we offer complimentary beverages, including Sangria, iced tea, and water. These refreshments are the perfect complement to the beautiful surroundings and the gentle sea breeze.

The Water Taxi service between Alvor and Lagos is more than just a transfer; it's a journey that captivates and relaxes, offering a unique perspective of the area's natural beauty. It's an opportunity to travel in style, comfort, and safety while enjoying the serene environment of the sea. Join us and make your trip between Alvor and Lagos an unforgettable part of your holiday.



A Breathtaking Seaside Experience - November 2023

“I never imagined a simple water taxi ride could turn into one of the most memorable parts of our vacation. From the moment we set sail from Alvor, the beauty of the coastline captivated us. The crew was incredibly friendly, sharing stories and insights about the area. Watching the sunset over Lagos harbor was an unforgettable sight. Highly recommend for anyone seeking a unique and picturesque journey!”

Unmatched Comfort and Scenery - October 2023

“Our family's experience with the Alvor to Lagos water taxi was exceptional. The kids were thrilled, especially since they could move around and enjoy the views. The complimentary Sangria was a delightful touch, making the trip feel like a luxury cruise. The smooth sailing and the stunning views of Meia Praia beach made this more than just a transfer – it was a highlight of our trip!”

Sailing in Style and Serenity - September 2023

“As a frequent traveler, I'm always looking for unique experiences, and this water taxi ride did not disappoint. The fusion of traditional sailing with modern comforts made for a perfect journey. The tranquility of the sea, combined with the lush scenery of the nature reserve, was absolutely serene. This service is a must-try for anyone visiting Alvor or Lagos – it's a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.”