Yacht Charter Private Chef

ALGARVE YACHT CHARTER PLUS PRIVATE CHEF unique and romantic option for a luxury yacht charter with a private chef on board.

Luxury Cruise + Private Chef

Unique Private Chef Experience!

When thinking of luxury, opulence, and a bespoke experience, look no further than our exclusive Algarve yacht charter, paired with a private chef offering. The Algarve, with its
breathtaking coastal views and serene ocean waves, becomes more than just a destination; it transforms into an unforgettable journey when explored aboard our luxury yacht.

A Dive into the Algarve's Oceanic Beauty
Algarve's enchanting coastline, known for its rugged caves, turquoise waters, and golden beaches, offers the perfect backdrop for our yacht charters. As you sail westward from Vilamoura marina starting at 18:00, the sights and sounds of the Algarve come alive. The Galé and Albufeira areas, in particular, showcase a rich tapestry of nature's marvels. And while the stunning vistas captivate your eyes, opportunities to dive deeper—quite literally—are ample. Take a refreshing swim, indulge in snorkelling, or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) amidst the pristine waters.

Sunset, Stars, and Sumptuous Meals
The return cruise to Vilamoura isn't just about the destination but the ethereal experience of watching the sun paint the skies in hues of oranges and purples, casting a golden reflection upon the tranquil waters. As you dock at 21:00, a new adventure unfolds. Our private chef, a connoisseur of Algarvian culinary delights, awaits your presence. With the choicest wines to set the mood, you're in for a three-course feast. Every dish is thoughtfully curated, considering your preferences, ensuring each bite is an explosion of flavours and local ingredients.

Dining Like Royalty
Your dining spot aboard the yacht isn't just any table; it's arguably the best table in the marina. With panoramic views, cool breezes, and the soft clinking of yacht masts, it's an experience that makes you the marina's star attraction. Anticipate wrapping up this culinary journey by 23:00, but remember, we believe in timeless experiences. There's absolutely no rush; the yacht remains your private haven.

Beyond The Usual – CruisePlus Options
Every journey with us is unique. And to elevate this uniqueness, we offer CruisePlus options. Fancy live music? We can arrange for a soulful jazz singer or saxophonist to serenade you under the stars. Whether it's ambient lighting, themed décor, or any other personalized touch, your wish is our command.

Ideal for all occasions—be it romantic proposals, milestone anniversaries, or grand birthdays—this yacht charter experience embodies luxury and intimacy. Setting sail from Vilamoura Marina, we also cater to those stationed elsewhere with luxury limo transfers or alternate boat launch points.

Algarve yacht charter with a private chef is more than just a trip; it's a curated luxury experience. Due to its immense popularity and demand, early bookings are highly recommended. Reach out, and together, let's chart a day that'll be etched in memory forever.



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