Vale do Lobo Afternoon Yacht Cruises

Discover the ultimate in luxury with afternoon yacht charters from Vilamoura Marina in the Algarve. Offering customizable cruises, breathtaking sea cave tours.

Afternoon Yacht Charters Vale do Lobo

Experience the Algarve Coast with Tailored Luxury Cruises.

Embarking on a luxurious afternoon yacht charter in the enchanting Algarve region, specifically from the prestigious Vilamoura Marina

When you opt for a private yacht hire, you typically get a voyage spanning from 3h up to 7h, starting at 15h00. However, the duration can vary depending on the specific yacht chosen and the customised itinerary planned for your cruise. The flexibility in scheduling these cruises adds to the allure, allowing guests to tailor their experience to their preferences and time constraints.

An afternoon yacht charter in the Algarve mirrors the experiences of a morning cruise but with the added charm of the region's warm and balmy afternoons. Weather permitting, the yacht glides close to the awe-inspiring sea caves along the coast, a sight that is both mesmerising and unforgettable. Part of this luxurious experience is the chance to anchor in serene spots for a refreshing swim or engaging water activities, providing a perfect escape from the heat on those sun-kissed summer afternoons.

Many guests are curious about the possibility of visiting the famous Benagil Cave during an afternoon cruise. The feasibility of this depends largely on the departure marina. From Vilamoura, for instance, reaching Benagil Cave usually requires a minimum of a 5-hour charter due to the distance involved.

To enhance your cruising experience, a variety of optional upgrades are available upon request. These include exhilarating activities like jet skiing and paddleboarding, along with more luxurious options such as hiring a professional photographer, indulging in exquisite sushi, savouring fine champagne, and arranging comfortable transfers. Algarve luxury cruises, especially those originating from Vilamoura, are renowned for catering to special occasions, ensuring that every aspect of your voyage is meticulously tailored to your preferences and needs.

Safety is a top priority on these cruises. All boats are fully equipped with essential safety gear, including lifeboats, jackets, and other necessary equipment, adhering strictly to Portuguese Maritime Law. This commitment to safety ensures a worry-free and enjoyable experience for all guests. It's important to note that respect for the sea is paramount, and as such, all cruise itineraries are subject to change based on sea conditions on the day of the voyage. The primary concern is always the safety and comfort of the passengers.

This experience promises not just a luxurious retreat but also an opportunity to forge unforgettable memories with family or friends against the backdrop of the breathtaking Algarve coast.

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a unique and relaxing afternoon at sea, the yacht charters from Vilamoura are designed to provide an exceptional and personalised maritime adventure. If you are staying in Vale do Lobo, you should consider this experience, as it offers a perfect blend of luxury, relaxation, and scenic beauty, making it an ideal choice for a memorable excursion.

Offering a unique and unparalleled experience for those seeking to avoid the early morning hustle. This exclusive adventure begins in Vilamoura Marina, a location renowned for its opulent ambiance and stunning coastal views, making it an ideal starting point for an unforgettable sea journey.

Tranfers are available upon request. Contact us for more information!



A Journey Like No Other - September 2023

“From the moment we set sail from Vilamoura Marina, the experience was magical. We did upgrade to the 5h cruise and visited the Benagil Cave, it was a highlight, and the personalized touches made our special occasion even more memorable. Truly a top-notch service!”

Elegance and Peace - August 2023

“The peace and beauty of the Algarve coastline were breathtaking. The yacht was splendid, and the crew went above and beyond to ensure our comfort and enjoyment. It was the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.”

Unforgettable Algarve Adventure - July 2023

“Our afternoon yacht charter from Vilamoura was a dream come true. The stunning views of the Algarve coast were matched only by the impeccable service and luxurious amenities on board. It was an experience we'll cherish forever!”

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