Theme parks in Algarve

THEME PARKS IN ALGARVE a range of great options for all ages available in the Algarve from Zoom Marine and the Dolphins to Slide and Splash water park

Algarve Fun Park  - Theme parks in Algarve

Algarve Fun Park


Fun for all ages!!

Aquashow Algarve - Theme parks in Algarve

Aquashow Algarve


Aquashow Family Park

Family Golf Park  - Theme parks in Algarve

Family Golf Park


Crazy golf fun in Vilamoura

Fun Adventure Park  - Theme parks in Algarve

Fun Adventure Park


Algarve Adventure Park - Albufeira!

Lagos Adventure Park  - Theme parks in Algarve

Lagos Adventure Park


Algarve Adventure Park Lagos

Theme Parks

The Algarve offers a selection of Fun Parks sure to keep you entertained during your stay. There are several themes for the parks with many being water based as you would expect. Algarve Fun Parks are family friendly and offer all the facilities that you would expect.