Lagos Zoo

Explore the wonders of the animal kingdom at Lagos Zoo in Portugal. Engage with over 120 species in eco-friendly habitats, enjoy educational programs, and relax

Lagos Zoo

Zoological garden has been meticulously designed to provide a nurturing environment for over 120 animal species and a variety of plant life.

Immersed in the tranquil settings of Barão de São João, just a stone's throw from the historic maritime town of Lagos, the Lagos Zoo (Zoo de Lagos) offers a unique blend of recreational and educational experiences, harmoniously integrated into the Algarvian landscape.

Entrance and Layout

Upon arrival, the sense of entering an environment that closely replicates the inhabitants' natural ecosystems is immediate. The zoo's layout is thoughtfully arranged, ensuring that each visit unfolds in an effortless journey through different world regions. The paths meander gently between enclosures, shaded by indigenous and tropical trees, making the exploration of the zoo a comfortable experience, even on warmer days.

Animal Encounters

The Zoo de Lagos is renowned for its diverse assortment of species, from the exotic to the endangered. The primate section is a hive of activity, where the charismatic ring-tailed lemurs leap and lounge, captivating onlookers with their sociable antics. In the big cat area, the rare Iberian lynx commands a silent awe with its elusive beauty, highlighting the zoo's role in conservation efforts.

Avian life flourishes here; in the tropical aviary, visitors can wander amongst a vivid mosaic of bird species, with iridescent plumage fluttering through the foliage. The engaging lorikeet enclosure offers an interactive experience, allowing guests to feed these gregarious birds nectar, promoting an up-close encounter with nature.

The reptile house presents a different pace, where the quiet observation of tortoises and the careful watch of snakes provide a stark contrast to the lively displays outside. It's an educative haven, giving insights into the habits of these often misunderstood creatures.

Conservation and Education

Education is at the heart of Lagos Zoo's mission. Each habitat comes with educational signage in multiple languages, offering fascinating trivia about the animals' lifestyles, diets, and conservation status. The zoo also collaborates with international programs to aid in the preservation of endangered species, striving to make a tangible impact beyond its boundaries.

Children's Farm and Play Areas

For young explorers, the children's farm is a world of discovery. Here, kids can engage with domestic animals, learning the importance of empathy and care for all living beings. The nearby playgrounds are well-equipped, ensuring the zoo's appeal to all ages and providing a safe space for children to expend their energy.

Facilities and Amenities

Thoughtfully placed across the park are various amenities to enhance the visitor experience. The on-site restaurant offers a selection of local and international cuisine, with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and traditional Portuguese dishes. Multiple kiosks and picnic areas are available, perfect for those who bring their own meals.

The pool area is a refuge within a refuge—a place where families can relax, surrounded by the natural beauty of the zoo. The sound of children splashing mingles with the distant calls of peacocks, creating a joyful ambiance that's hard to leave behind.

Conservation Through Connection

Above all, Lagos Zoo excels in fostering a connection between its visitors and the natural world. By offering a window into the lives of its animal residents, the zoo inspires a sense of responsibility and wonder in those who walk its paths. It stands as a testament to the delicate balance of ecosystems and the role humans play in safeguarding our planet's biodiversity.


April 1st to September 30th

  • 10:00 to 19:00

October 1st to March 31st

  • 10:00 to 17:00



  • Adult: €18
  • Child (Ages 4 to 11): €14
  • Senior (Ages 65+): €16




Enchanting Family Day Out - November 2023

“Our family's visit to Lagos Zoo was absolutely magical! The kids were thrilled to feed the lorikeets and the staff were so knowledgeable and passionate about the animals. It's a must-do for any nature lover visiting the Algarve!”

Conservation at Its Best - October 2023

“I was genuinely impressed by the conservation efforts and the naturalistic habitats at Lagos Zoo. It's more than just an animal park; it's an educational sanctuary where you truly feel the dedication to wildlife care and protection.”

A Serene Wildlife Retreat - September 2023

“The serene atmosphere of Lagos Zoo is unparalleled. It's beautifully maintained and the perfect size for a day trip. I learned so much from the informative displays and left with a greater appreciation for our planet's incredible biodiversity.”

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