Sunset Cruise Vilamoura

Sunset cruises from Vilamoura can be flexible to your schedule and groups size. The luxury cruise comes all inclusive of champagne and other drinks.The algarve coastline of cliffs and sea caves is a beautiful backdrop to the sunset. Sunset Cruises are the most popular option for marriage proposals and for romantic events.

Luxury Sunset Cruise

Vilamoura Sunset Cruise



Dive into the epitome of luxury and beauty with an unforgettable sunset cruise along the stunning Algarve coastline, setting sail from the illustrious Vilamoura Marina. Designed for discerning guests seeking personalized experiences, our luxurious yacht cruises are the perfect setting for romantic getaways, cherished family moments, and exclusive private celebrations.


Every sunset voyage we offer emphasizes exclusivity. When you book with us, you're guaranteed the privacy of your very own boat, ensuring that you can enjoy the serene beauty of the sea without any interruptions. From our diverse fleet, we provide a selection of finely curated private boat options, tailored for either 2 or 3-hour adventures. Each journey begins at the pulsating heart of the Algarve - the vibrant Vilamoura Marina.


Our sunset cruises, although shorter than full-day excursions, are filled with enchantment. Sip on exquisite beverages and indulge in the panoramic beauty of the horizon, as the setting sun paints the sky in brilliant shades of oranges and purples. It's an unparalleled experience, whether you're commencing a magical evening or bringing a day of exploration to a close.


As we navigate the tranquil waters, passengers will be captivated by the scenic Algarve shoreline, meandering past landmarks like the Albufeira Marina. Those who opt for our extended 3-hour cruise will relish the opportunity to drop anchor in secluded bays for a refreshing swim or sail even further to uncover coastal treasures.


While our signature Sunset Cruises are based at Vilamoura Marina, we pride ourselves on adaptability and can arrange other yachts that depart from other Algarve locations if you have a special request.


Algarve's reputation for awe-inspiring sunsets is legendary, and our cruises encapsulate this splendor with finesse. Whether you envision a tranquil romantic evening, a lively sunset bash, or a laid-back dusk gathering, our cruises craft memories that will remain the talk of the town.


Set sail on the quintessential Algarve Sunset Cruise from Vilamoura Marina. Convey your expectations, occasion, and group details, and our dedicated team will present bespoke recommendations, ensuring every moment aboard is exceptional.


At Algarve Cruises, we believe in crafting voyages that resonate. No matter the occasion or group size, we have a cruise that will transcend expectations.


ESSENTIALS FOR YOUR CRUISE ADVENTURE: Please pack a sun hat, robust sunblock, a swimsuit, and comfortable shoes to make the most of your journey.


The allure of the Algarve coastline is undeniable, offering a day of beauty, relaxation, and discovery for individuals of all ages.


**Please be informed that Mother Nature is our guiding force. All cruise schedules may be adjusted based on prevailing sea conditions. Safety remains our foremost concern.


**Safety First & Always: Our boats are meticulously equipped with the necessary safety equipment, lifeboats, and life jackets, adhering to the rigorous standards of Portuguese Maritime Law.




Alison D - June 2023

“I decided to book a cruise for my boyfriends birthday as a treat. I went for the sunset option as i though it would be romantic for us both, we had a truly memorable evening and will never forget drinking Champagne as the sun slowly set over the water. Thank you all so very much, it was the highlight of our stay!”

Susan - May 2023

“Thanks very much for organising everything for our cruise.....we had a lovely cruise and we could have easily do it over and over again!”

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