Sunset Cruise Vilamoura

Sunset cruises from Vilamoura can be flexible to your schedule and groups size. The luxury cruise comes all inclusive of champagne and other drinks.The algarve coastline of cliffs and sea caves is a beautiful backdrop to the sunset. Sunset Cruises are the most popular option for marriage proposals and for romantic events.

Luxury Sunset Cruise

Vilamoura Sunset Cruise

Embark on an exceptional journey of luxury and elegance with our exclusive Sunset Cruises, launching from the prestigious Vilamoura Marina in the heart of the Algarve. These cruises are a showcase of unparalleled beauty and personalized luxury, perfect for those seeking a private and exclusive yachting experience. As you set sail on these luxurious charters, the picturesque Algarve coastline unfolds before you, offering a backdrop of breathtaking sunsets that transform the sky into a canvas of vibrant oranges and purples.

Our private hire yacht charters are not just about sailing; they're about creating unforgettable experiences. Whether it's a romantic evening for two, a family gathering, or a special celebration, our cruises provide the ideal setting. We offer a range of private yacht options, each tailored for 2 or 3-hour journeys, commencing from the vibrant hub of the Algarve - Vilamoura Marina. These journeys are more than just a cruise; they're an escape into a world of tranquility and beauty, away from the hustle of daily life.

Our sunset cruises, though shorter than our full-day offerings, are equally enchanting. Guests can indulge in fine beverages and relish the panoramic views of the horizon, making every moment onboard a cherished memory. For those opting for our extended 3-hour cruise, the experience is further enhanced with opportunities to anchor in secluded bays for a swim or to explore hidden coastal gems.

At Algarve Cruises, we pride ourselves on flexibility and can arrange charters from various locations in the Algarve, catering to your unique requests. Our Vilamoura-based sunset cruises are our signature offering, where we tailor every aspect of the journey to your preferences, ensuring an experience that is as unique as it is memorable.

The Algarve is renowned for its stunning sunsets, and our cruises are designed to capture this natural beauty in all its glory. Whether you're looking for a peaceful romantic evening, a lively sunset celebration, or a relaxed gathering at dusk, our cruises are the perfect way to create lasting memories.

When planning your cruise, remember to pack essentials like a sun hat, robust sunblock, a swimsuit, and comfortable shoes to fully enjoy the experience. The Algarve coastline promises a day of beauty, relaxation, and discovery for individuals of all ages.

Safety is our top priority. Our cruises are subject to Mother Nature's whims, and we adjust schedules based on sea conditions to ensure your safety. Our boats are equipped with the latest safety gear, lifeboats, and life jackets, complying with the stringent Portuguese Maritime Law standards.

The luxury yacht charters from Vilamoura Marina offer an exclusive and personalized way to experience the stunning Algarve coastline. Whether it's a sunset cruise or a private charter, we ensure a journey of luxury, relaxation, and unforgettable experiences.




Alison D - June 2023

“I decided to book a cruise for my boyfriends birthday as a treat. I went for the sunset option as i though it would be romantic for us both, we had a truly memorable evening and will never forget drinking Champagne as the sun slowly set over the water. Thank you all so very much, it was the highlight of our stay!”

Susan - May 2023

“Thanks very much for organising everything for our cruise.....we had a lovely cruise and we could have easily do it over and over again!”

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