Self Guided SUP at Benagil Beach

Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Algarve with our Self-Guided SUP Tour at Praia de Benagil

Self-Guided SUP Tour at Benagil Beach

A Self-Guided SUP Adventure in Benagil to Dsicovere Algarve's Hidden Gems

The Self-Guided SUP Tour at Praia de Benagil offers an adventurous and personalized way to explore the famous Benagil Caves in the Algarve, distinct from the usual boat tours.

On this adventure, you embark on a journey of discovery at your own pace, starting from Benagil Beach. Before setting out, participants receive a comprehensive briefing. This includes an overview of what to expect during the tour, detailed safety instructions, and the provision of all necessary equipment.

The tour is not just about the Benagil Caves. Participants paddle past the stunning Praia da Marinha, renowned for its rocky coastline and ranked among the top ten most beautiful beaches in Europe. The journey also takes you past various secluded beaches and smaller caves, offering a chance to explore these hidden gems at a leisurely pace.

Duration: 1 Hour

Adult (18+) - €20


Highlights of the Tour:

  • Unique Exploration: Unlike boat tours, this self-guided Stand Up Paddle (SUP) tour allows participants to paddle into the magnificent caves at their own pace.
  • Comprehensive Briefing: Before setting off from Praia de Benagil, a briefing session covers essential aspects such as the possible routes, safety conditions, and equipment handling.
  • Personalized Journey: Participants can paddle past the scenic Praia da Marinha, along the rocky coastline, and visit various secluded beaches. The route is flexible, allowing each person to explore as they wish.
  • Exclusive Access: Once inside the Benagil Cave, participants can disembark from their SUPs, walk on the sand, and take numerous photos – a privilege not available in boat tours.
  • Additional Discoveries: Besides the Benagil Cave, the tour includes the opportunity to explore neighboring deserted beaches, smaller caves, and the rocky arches (Arcos) of Praia da Marinha, which is recognized as one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe.
  • Return & Equipment Handling: The tour concludes with a return to Praia de Benagil, where participants hand back the equipment.

This SUP tour is a must-try for those seeking an intimate and engaging experience with nature, offering a unique perspective of the Algarve's natural beauty, far from the crowded tourist trails.



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