Luxury Yacht to Benagil Cave

LUXURY YACHT CHARTER TO BENAGIL CAVE. The best experience of the most famous Algarve Attraction. Benagil cave on a luxury yacht. Champagne in hand!

Benagil Cave Yacht Charter

Private Yacht Charter to Benagil Cave

The Benagil Cave Cruise is a favourite for all visiting the Algarve. 

Benagil Cave is located on the Algarve coastline and is famous for the Cathederal apearance and the dramatic hole in the ceiling that allows the sunlight to peirce through and shine on the beach inside the cave. Benagil Cave is only accessible from the sea. 

There are many Benagil cave cruises and boat trips available but we chosse these options as the best, heres why: 


Taking a luxury yacht to Benagil cave has many advantages, 

Given the distance the minimum duration for a cruise to Benagil Cave is 5 hours, this allows us to passby the other caves and rock formations on the ways and also stop for a quick swim.  With a 5 hour cruise we can spend more time exploring on the way to Benagil and if the sea is calm we can use the RIB or SUP and Snorkeling gear (depending which boat). Benagil is also a stopping point for most full day cruises. 


As a private Yacht you can see many of the highlights of the coastline between Vilamoura and Benagil. If you prefer to stop and swim a while, then you can do so, the schedule can be flexed to the weather and sea conditions unlike many mixed boat charters. 

The sea conditions can some times prevent ALL boats from getting close to the coastline, this option is the best because the main boat is a very stable 53´foot motor cruiser, they also have a smaller inflatable RIB, Paddle board and snorkelling gear so there is something for the entire family. 

The Benagil Cave Cruise can be flexible to your schedule but often the best time to go is in the morning as the sea is calmer.  We can do a regular Benagil Private Charter on a 4 hour schedule, this will give us time to see the coastline around Galé and Albufeira, cruise to Benagil Cave and return. We will have time to stop to swim and snorkel. 

We can also offer an extended version of the trip which will stop for lunch at a wonderful restaurant on the beach, For the complete full day Benagil Experience we can be totally flexible with the departure times if booked in advance. 


***** Benagil Cave in the Algarve is one of the most selected destinations to visit by boat in the Algarve region of Portugal, dont miss this wonder of Portugal on your visit!










Best Day Ever! - May 2019

“Cant thank you enough fo one of the most fantastic days out ever. We have been visiting the Algarve for many years and had several charters in that time but this was hands down the best day of them all! Will return! ”

Jeffrey P - May 2019

“We would like to say a big thank you to the guys at Algarve Activities for the recommendation for the yacht charter. There are many companies out there and it can be daunting but you hooked us up with the best in town by far! Benagil is unforgettable. Yacht and crew impeccable. Food and drinks all 5 stars. Thank you again and be sure we will recommend you! ”

Tracey J - April 2019

“We decided upon the Benagil cruise following a friends recommendation. The cave itself is wonderful and only one of a number of great coves and beaches we saw on our trip. The captain and mate were so attentive and explained the coastline thoroughly to us. The complete experience from time of booking was awesome and we would certainly recommend booking with Algarve Activities. ”

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