Inflatable waterpark in Armação de Pêra

Dive into excitement at our newly launched Inflatable Waterpark that offers a blend of exhilarating climbing challenges, dynamic obstacles and jump stations!

Inflatable Waterpark on the sea

Inflatable Waterpark in Armação de Perâ perfect for the children!

Introducing the Inflatable Waterpark, a thrilling and brand-new attraction designed for fun seekers of all ages! This waterpark is not just an ordinary destination; it's an adventure-filled paradise, ideal for anyone aged 6 years and above. Whether you're looking for a quick 30-minute splash or an hour-long escapade, we have options to suit your preferences.

Pricing Details:

  • For a brief yet exhilarating 30-minute session, the cost is only €7 per person.
  • Those seeking a longer adventure can enjoy 60 minutes of water-filled excitement for just €10 per person.

Experience the Excitement: Our waterpark is a hub of high-energy activities. Get ready to climb, conquer a multitude of dynamic obstacles, leap from our jump stations, and experience the sheer thrill of our 'Katapult'! It's a place where excitement meets challenge, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Ideal for Every Occasion
Whether you're planning a birthday bash, celebrating school graduation, organizing a stag or hen party, looking to strengthen team bonds in a corporate event, or just wanting to have an exceptional day out with friends, our inflatable waterpark is the perfect venue.

Challenge and Fun
Test your skills and see if you can overcome all the obstacles. Race against your friends to see who completes the course fastest. And let's not forget the fun part - who will have the most epic wipeout? There's only one way to find out: by booking your adventure with us!

Guaranteed Entertainment
Prepare for an experience filled with laughter and a bit of swimming. Our giant inflatable waterpark promises not just fun but memorable moments. It's an ideal way to enjoy a sunny day, filled with laughter and excitement.

A Must-Do Activity in the Algarve
Rated as one of the top activities to do in the Algarve, our inflatable waterpark stands out as a beacon of fun and adventure. Don't miss out on this exhilarating experience that guarantees an amazing time for people of all ages.

In summary, our inflatable waterpark offers an affordable, fun-filled, and challenging adventure that caters to various groups and occasions. It's more than just a water activity; it's an experience that promises joy, challenge, and a whole lot of splashes! Book now and dive into the excitement.



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