Condor Vilamoura

Explore the stunning Algarve coast with Condor de Vilamoura's daily cruises. Choose from a 3-hour scenic journey or a full-day adventure including a beach BBQ.

Condor de Vilamoura

Daily and Full-Day Sailing Crusies

The Condor de Vilamoura is a luxurious sailing schooner offering cruises along the picturesque Algarve coast in Portugal. It's well-equipped for comfort and leisure, featuring a large air-conditioned saloon with a bar, modern navigational and safety equipment, and ample space for guests to relax on deck or inside​​. Built in 1987 and inspired by American fishing schooners, this 34-meter ship provides a blend of traditional charm and modern amenities, making it ideal for both full and half-day boat trips as well as private charters​​.

Guests aboard the Condor de Vilamoura can enjoy various activities, including viewing stunning rock formations and exploring old fishing villages along the Algarve coast. The vessel offers a range of experiences, such as barbecue lunches served on the beach and full-day trips with cave excursions. These cruises are known for their relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, giving passengers an opportunity to witness the Algarve's long beaches, cliffs, and caves​​​​.

The Condor de Vilamoura offers a variety of cruising experiences along the beautiful Algarve coast, catering to different preferences and schedules.

Here are some details about their cruises:

Daily Cruises: The Condor de Vilamoura operates daily cruises, inviting guests to sail along the extraordinary Algarve coast. The ship, a magnificent 34-meter schooner with two masts, provides a stable and comfortable sailing experience, showcasing the scenic beauty of the region's long beaches and coastlines​​.

3-Hour Cruises: For those seeking a shorter adventure, there's a 3-hour cruise option. This trip takes passengers from Vilamoura, along the coast, to Praia de Galé. During this journey, guests can enjoy the sight of striking rock formations and picturesque villages. The cruise also offers opportunities for swimming and cave visits, weather and sea conditions permitting​​​​.

Full-Day Cruises with Beach BBQ: For a more extended experience, the Condor de Vilamoura offers a full-day (7-hour) cruise, which is highly rated among Vilamoura boat trips. This cruise includes a journey from Vilamoura Marina to the famous Benagil caves and several other caves in the area. Passengers can enjoy the views of smaller cove beaches like Galé and have the opportunity to come ashore at a secluded beach for a delicious BBQ. This cruise package includes a BBQ lunch and drinks on the beach, offering a comprehensive and enjoyable coastal experience​​​​.

Overall, the Condor de Vilamoura cruises provide a blend of scenic beauty, leisure, and adventure, making them a popular choice for tourists and locals alike seeking to explore the Algarve's coastal charm.