Benagil Caves by Litos Tours

Experience the beauty of hidden sea caves, stunning rock formations, and secluded beaches with Litos Tours.

Coast & Benagil Cave Exploration

Boat tour from Portimão to explore the mesmerizing Benagil Caves on Portugal's Golden Coast

Embark on a splendid trip along Portugal's radiant Coast to the awe-inspiring Benagil Caves.


  • Adult Ticket: €32 (Ages 13+)
  • Child Ticket: €24 (Ages 2-12)

Duration: 2 hours

Journey Details

Your journey begins in the charming town of Portimão, a gem nestled in southern Portugal known for its breathtaking landscapes. Here, you'll be briefed on safety measures, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience. Board our specially designed boat, crafted to navigate the intricate pathways of the coast and slip into the most secluded nooks of the Algarve's coastline.

Scenic Exploration
As we sail from Portimão, prepare to be captivated by the Algarve's enchanting beauty. Gaze upon towering cliffs that plunge dramatically into the azure waters, unveiling hidden caves and untouched beaches along the way. The coastline is dotted with exquisite rock formations, each telling a unique story of nature's artistry.

Discovering Benagil Caves
Our destination, the Benagil Caves, is a natural wonder accessible only by sea. These caves are a testament to the timeless beauty of nature, with sunlight streaming through openings in the rock, illuminating the water in ethereal hues.

What to Expect
This trip is a blend of adventure, exploration, and relaxation. Our knowledgeable guides are committed to providing a rich, educational experience, sharing insights about the area's geography and history.

Preparation Tips
Be sure to bring your swimsuit and hat to enjoy the full experience.
Note that this tour is not suitable for children under the age of 2 due to safety concerns.


This tour offers a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty of southern Portugal's coastline, with a focus on the stunning Benagil Caves. The journey promises captivating views, intriguing exploration, and an insight into the region's natural wonders.



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