Algarve Kayak Ria Formosa

KAYAK IN THE RIA FORMOSA. Kayak in the wonderful Ria Formosa in The Algarve. Guided Kayak trips in this beautiful, natural environment. Top Algarve destination and a must do on your trip.

Ria Formosa Kayak Adventure

An Unforgettable Journey Through Serene Waters and Remarkable Islands

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Formosamar, delving into the captivating Ria Formosa Natural Park, one of Portugal's 7 Natural Wonders.

Explore the Tranquil Waters
This 2-hour kayak expedition commences in Faro, immersing you in the serene waters of the Ria Formosa lagoon. Expect calm waters with gentle waves or none at all, ensuring a tranquil paddle.

Discover Remarkable Islands
Navigate through peaceful channels as you journey towards Ria Formosa's renowned islands, unveiling a sanctuary of marshes, islets, and pristine beaches.

Enjoy Idyllic Beaches
Encounter immaculate beaches with clear waters, fine white sands, and a fascinating array of seashells. Take a moment to relax and savor the breathtaking views.

Guided Expertise
An experienced guide accompanies your group, offering insights into the park's heritage and ecological significance, enhancing your adventure with valuable knowledge.

Wildlife Encounters
Be prepared for enchanting encounters with avian wonders such as the Greater Flamingo, Grey Heron, and White Stork. Witness various fish, crabs, and sea hares inhabiting the shallow waters.


Suitable for All
Whether you're an experienced kayaker or a novice, this tour caters to water enthusiasts of all levels, making it an ideal way to stay active during your vacation.

Safe and Comfortable Kayaks
We provide double sit-on-top kayaks designed for safety, comfort, and ease of use, ensuring an enjoyable and worry-free adventure.


Multilingual Guides
Our guides are fluent in English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish, ensuring clear communication and an immersive experience.


The package covers a 2-hour kayak tour, double kayaks, paddles, safety gear, and enlightening commentary from your local guide.

What's Not Included
Hotel pickup/drop-off, transportation to/from attractions, meals, drinks, tips, and additional extras are not included.


Stay Hydrated
Bring ample water to stay hydrated during your journey, and a backpack for snacks, sunglasses, sunblock, and a camera.

Dress Comfortably
Wear casual attire and comfortable footwear suitable for kayaking. Water shoes with slip-resistant properties are recommended.

Weather Considerations
The activity is subject to weather conditions, with options for rescheduling or a full refund in case of adverse weather.

Trip itineraries may change due to weather conditions or participant conditions, prioritizing safety and ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.


Book Your Adventure
Formosamar invites you to embark on a memorable journey through the Ria Formosa Natural Park, where tranquility, natural beauty, and wildlife encounters await. Come prepared, follow safety guidelines, and let the magic of Ria Formosa captivate you. Reserve your tour today and make memories in this exceptional natural wonder.



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