Albufeira Kayak Cave Tours

Embark on Albufeira kayak cave tours in Algarve. Experience the perfect blend of thrill, adventure, and tranquility as you explore hidden caves and coastlines.

Albufeira Kayak Cave Tours

Delight in a truly unparalleled and unforgettable experience...

Albufeira Kayak Cave Tours in Algarve, Operated by Albufeira Surf & Sup: A Mesmerizing Experience


  • Adults (Ages 10 and up): 35€
  • Children (Ages 3 - 9): Free

Delight in a truly unparalleled and unforgettable experience with our Albufeira kayak cave tours, proudly operated by Albufeira Surf & Sup. Set forth on a journey in the heart of Algarve that promises thrill, adventure, and tranquility in equal measures.

Starting straight from the pristine sands of São Rafael Beach in Algarve, we journey across the tranquil and crystal-clear waters close to the shoreline, discovering the stunning Albufeira coastline and its hidden caves. Tailored for enthusiasts of all skill levels, our expert team is dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled and unforgettable adventure.


What to Expect with Albufeira Surf & Sup?

  • Duration: An immersive 2-hour journey with Albufeira kayak cave tours.
  • Starting Point: Directly from the pristine white sands of São Rafael Beach in Algarve.
  • The Adventure: Navigate through the serene and crystal-clear ocean waters, operated by Albufeira Surf & Sup, as you skirt close to the shore. Revel in the scenic beauty of the Albufeira coastline and delve deep into its enchanting caves.
  • Difficulty Level: Albufeira Surf & Sup has created a tour that is simple to follow and suitable for participants of all skill levels.
  • Guidance: Our professional crew, as part of the Albufeira Surf & Sup team, will be by your side, ensuring that your Albufeira kayak cave tour experience becomes a cherished memory.


Package Inclusions by Albufeira Surf & Sup:

  • Complete kayaking equipment, backed with full insurance.
  • Comprehensive instructions tailored for beginners.
  • Convenient pickup and drop-off services (provided it's pre-booked).


Essential Information:

  • Physical Fitness: A medium psycho-physical fitness level is essential to enjoy this Albufeira Surf & Sup activity to its fullest.
  • Check-in Point: Please arrive at our balcony situated in the São Rafael beach car park at least 20 minutes before the Albufeira kayak cave tours begin.
  • Liabilities: We, at Albufeira Surf & Sup, won't be responsible for any loss or damage to personal items, including cameras or phones, during the tour.
  • Dress Code & Conduct: Any individual inappropriately dressed, or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will be barred from participating in Albufeira kayak cave tours.
  • Privacy: Your personal data, collected during the booking with Albufeira Surf & Sup, will be exclusively utilized for check-in. It won’t be used for other purposes unless you opt for email marketing updates.
  • Photo Rights: By purchasing a ticket for our Albufeira kayak cave tours, you grant us permission to use photos taken during the activity. If you wish to opt out, please notify us at the check-in point.
  • Pickup Policy: If you've booked a pickup with Albufeira Surf & Sup, the driver may delay up to a maximum of 30 minutes. In instances where the customer is late, the waiting time is limited to 2 minutes. No refunds will be processed if delays lead to cancellation or non-participation.


Additional Perks by Albufeira Surf & Sup:

  • Complimentary car parking.
  • Secure storage facilities for personal belongings.


Join us at Albufeira Surf & Sup and let the mesmerizing caves of Albufeira and the sparkling waters of Algarve etch unforgettable memories in your heart.



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