The Algarve offers a wonderful Selection of Fishing options. Fishing in the Algarve can range from reef fishing to deep sea Shark and Marlin fishing trips....


The Algarve offers a wonderful Selection of Fishing options. Fishing in the Algarve can range from reef fishing to deep sea Shark and Marlin fishing trips. All of the Algarve fishing trips listed here have been tried by our team.  

Due to Portugal's location on a Continental Shelf – which is an underwater land platform that extends to between 50 and 100 Miles in to the Atlantic Ocean - there are a wide variety of fish.

The large predatory fish such as shark and tuna come in to feed on the smaller (bait)  fish that live in the shallower coastal waters. As a result there are hundreds of types of marine fish including sardines, bream, bass, mackerel, blue fish, shark, tuna, sword fish, salmon bass and plaice.

A Fishing Licence is required for all Fishing trips listed. We have only selected companies that can organise a licence for you on the day. It is inexpensive and you just need your passport. 

At Algarve Activities we currently have a selection of the best boats and fishing guides across the Algarve, and we can also help with Cascais and the Lisbon area. If you are a fishing enthusiast then the sea is the place to be in the Algarve, although we can help with some fresh water options too on request.

Portuguese culture and diet have been long connected to the sea and this is still very much in evidence today with beautiful fresh fish avaiable at reasonable prices across the Algarve on a daily basis. The Algarve is a Perfect fishing destination with a long season and lots varied fish opportunities. In Portugal Sea fishing is by far the favourite choice of fishing activity, of these reef fishing, big game fishing and beach fishing all tend to be the most popular with fresh water fishing and cliff fishing also on the list.

Algarve Activities specialise in tailored fishing trips, that is to say that what ever your level or taste we can shape the trip specifically to your needs. Whether a fun family reef fishing trip or a 2 day Marlin fishing expedition we are here to make your dreams come true so just drop us a message and we will do the rest. 

Family fishing is a great way for all the family to relax and enjoy the day out together, kids love fishing and with he high catch rates on the reefs its a faster pace fishing that kids will truly get into. We can offer a tailored "Fun and Fishing" trip for younger families where we stop for swimming and paddle boarding followed by lunch on the beach and an afternoon of fishing to relax.


Big Game Fishing



Portugal is a small country but with over 800km of coastline it offers rich pickings for the fishing community. The meeting of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean serve up a diverse array of up to 200 species of fish to choose from. The influences of the continental shelf and the gulf stream are evident here also and are good news for the big game enthusiasts. Portuguese waters and in particular the Algarve and the Açores are famous as some of Europes top fishing destinations for the adrenaline seeking big game fishermen. Fishing tourism is booming and with the mild climate, great facilities and ultimately the fish themselves we hope to see this industry grow again this year. With Big Game Fishing you can expect to tackle huge Tuna, white and blue Marlin and a variety of Shark to name a few options.

On Big Game Fishing trips most boats now thankfully adopt a catch and release policy and this is typically true of all the private charter options we work with.

Big Game Fishing in The Azores
From July to late October the gulf stream brings very large marlin and, in recent years, large blue-fin tuna to feed in the waters of the Azores. The islands hold six out of ten of the current IFGA men's blue marlin world records. As well as these giants there are plenty of other big game fish including white marlin, bigeye and yellow fin tuna, spear fish, swordfish and mako sharks, the fish are here are you up for it?

Shark and Big Game
Shark fishing trips in the Algarve report a good success rate. Amongst the sharks caught are hammerhead and mako but most commonly is the Blue Shark. . the seasonal rise in water temperatures bring with them the marlin and there are several marlin fishing competitions run from Vilamoura marina and Tavira. There is also a good variety of other fish to be had with corvina of up to 45kg a particular highlight..


For the Fun Fisherman or beginner why not try a half day Reef Fishing where you have a higher strike rate and a good chance to catch something you can eat at the end of the trip. these half day trips are great fun and the perfect holiday pass time.
Sailing out to sea you will  find bream, sole, grouper and jewfish, heading  further out passing over the continental platform where medium size fish gather and swim in big shoals giving you the opportunity to catch anchovy, mackerel, sea bream, rock bass, conger eel and spurdog.


Albufeira - Central Algarve

Albufeira is a coastal city located in the southern region of Portugal, known as the Algarve. This city is one of the most popular destinations in Portugal, and it's easy to see why. With its stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, charming old town, and a lively nightlife scene, Albufeira has something for everyone.

A popular tourist destination, particularly among Europeans. Bustling tourism industry, with visitors coming to enjoy its stunning beaches, nightlife, and diverse range of activities and attractions.

Tourism has played a significant role in the city's economy, providing employment opportunities and contributing to the local economy. As a result, the city has developed a robust tourism infrastructure, with plenty of accommodation options, restaurants, and bars to cater to visitors.

The city is particularly popular among families, as it offers a safe and fun environment for children. The beaches are well-maintained, and there are several family-friendly activities such as water parks and theme parks to keep children entertained.

Younger tourists also flock to Albufeira for its lively nightlife scene. The Strip is particularly popular among younger visitors, offering a wide range of bars, clubs, and restaurants.

Couples and honeymooners are also attracted to Albufeira for its romantic atmosphere and stunning coastal scenery. Boat tours and sunset cruises offer a unique and unforgettable way to explore the beauty of the Algarve coast and enjoy a romantic evening with a loved one.

Albufeira is a city that has something to offer for everyone, whether you're looking for a relaxing beach holiday or an active adventure. Its popularity among tourists is a testament to its beauty, charm, and friendly locals, making it one of Portugal's most beloved destinations.

In this article, we will explore all the things that make Albufeira the perfect destination for tourists. We will delve into its history, culture, and traditions, and highlight the must-see attractions that you simply cannot miss.