5Emotions Kyros Boat Portimao

This spacious boat, Kyros, sails form Portimao and has a large capacity so is ideal for small or large groups in a mixed environment. Operated by 5emotions.

Kyros - Dolphin Watching and Benagil Cave

Dolphins and caves cruise departing from Portimão Marina.

Set sail on an unparalleled marine adventure with 5Emotions, where the majestic Kyros Boat serves as your gateway to a breathtaking journey that encompasses both the serene beauty of nature and the thrill of wildlife discovery.

From: Marina de Portimão

Duration: Up to 2 hours and 30 minutes

Spectacular Dual Experiences

  1. Cetacean Observation: Spot dolphins and whales with expert commentary from an onboard marine biologist.
  2. Coastal Sightseeing: View the stunning Algarve coastline and the breathtaking 'Algar de Benagil' cave.


  • Adults (11+ years): €35
  • Children (2 to 10 years): €25
  • Infants (Up to 1 year): Free

Pre-boarding Instructions

  • Check-In: 30 minutes before departure at the 5emotions desk.
  • Conditions: Subject to change due to sea conditions; prices inclusive of VAT.

Booking and Conduct Policies

  • Boarding: Appropriate clothing required and no boarding under the influence of substances.
  • Food and Beverage: Not allowed except for baby food (up to 3 years old).
  • Age Requirement: Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Privacy and Permissions

  • Data Use: Personal data collected is strictly for booking and check-in.
  • Photography: Photos taken during the trip may be used for 5Emotions promotions unless otherwise stated at check-in.

Boat Features

  • Amenities: Equipped with Wi-Fi; subject to technical issues.
  • Safety: Vessel adheres to European safety standards.

Company Credentials

  • Fivemotion LTD.: Fully insured and licensed by Turismo de Portugal.

5Emotions' Kyros Boat offers more than a mere passage across the waves; it is a portal to an emotive and educational escapade, harmonizing the raw allure of the Algarve with the dance of its most enigmatic sea creatures, wrapped in the arms of the utmost safety and service.



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