Portugal Tribal Clash 2017

Portugal Tribal Clash in 2017 is set on the stunning and serene beaches of the Algarve. The Tribal clash is becoming bigger and bigger year on year and we look forward to the event in Portugal with great anticipation.

Tribal Clash Portugal 2017

Algarve Tribal Clash Event

Truly exciting times as the Tribal Clash team event hits the Algarve beaches in the spring of 2017! So what is the Tribal Clash?

Tribal Clash is a team competition for teams of six members, 3 men and 3 women.

Tribal Clash Portugal will be a two-day competition held outdoors on a Praia da Almargem (a beach just east of Quarteira)

Most events take place in the Tribal Clash Arena on the beach. Each team will be assigned a heat and a lane for each of the separate events, (This is except for the events that involve a mass start or take place outside the arena)

The teams will all be scored in a minimum of six separate events

The top 20 placing teams advance to a semi-final. The semi-final is always a one pull tug-of-war contest.

The winners of each tug-of-war proceed to a Final. All previous scores are wiped clean and the winner of the Final is the Tribal Clash Champion.

All Tribal Clash event details are kept secret until the competition day.

The 6 events, Semi-Final and the Final are designed to test team work capacity and the emphasis again is on the "Team Event".

One thing that is a given is that Music and a party atmosphere are integral to Tribal Clash.

The Event will be held in the Algarve on the weekend of 28-30 April 2017. Please inbox us for details, accomodation, transfers or advice on training in the local area.