19th Hole Vilamoura

19th Hole Bar - The Heartbeat of Vilamoura Marina

19th Hole Vilamoura


A popular haunt for both golf aficionados and casual visitors alike!

19th Hole Bar

As the sun sets over the beautiful Vilamoura Marina, there’s no better place to cap off the day than at the 19th Hole Bar. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and friendly service, this bar offers a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Situated ideally in the heart of Vilamoura, the 19th Hole Bar provides not just a haven for golf enthusiasts but also a lively spot for anyone looking to enjoy a good time. The name itself, a playful nod to golf's traditional endgame meeting spot, suggests that this is a place where people exchange stories about the fairways and laughter permeates the air.

The bar's decor features golf memorabilia and sports trophies, creating a clubhouse feel that invites patrons to linger over their drinks. The ambiance is casual and welcoming, making it a great spot to mingle with both locals and tourists. You might sit next to a fellow golf enthusiast or a family enjoying their vacation.

The menu at the 19th Hole Bar is as appealing as its setting. With a selection of international beers, creative cocktails, and local wines, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Don't miss the delectable bar snacks, ideal for sharing while you reminisce about the day's adventures or strategize for the next.

Live music and occasional DJ sets add to the bar’s allure, offering a backdrop of acoustic melodies or upbeat tracks to complement your evening. Whether you’re celebrating a hole-in-one or simply enjoying the marina views, the 19th Hole Bar ensures a memorable night out.

For anyone visiting Vilamoura, the 19th Hole Bar is a must-visit. Its mix of cosy ambiance, friendly faces, and prime location make it a standout gem in the marina. So, next time you're in Vilamoura, make sure to stop by for a drink or two, where every hour is happy and every visitor leaves with a smile.


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